Top Six Reasons Why Surrendering Your Pug to Pug Hugs is Better Than Placing an Ad on Craigslist

6. Your pug gets the best possible care.  Pugs will be brought up to date on all vaccinations, put on heartworm preventative, spayed/neutered if required, and undergo any necessary medical treatments, such as dentals.

5.  Your pug gets the best possible forever home.  All prospective adopting pug owners have to fill out a thorough application, and will have personal and veterinarian references checked.  In addition, each prospective family will be subjected to a home visit by a volunteer to assess the family’s suitability.

4.  Your pug gets the best possible interim home.  Our fosters are all volunteers with years of experience caring for pugs, and are skilled at assessing temperaments and determining what would be an ideal forever family.  In addition, all of our foster families undergo the same rigorous background checks as do adopting families. 

3.  Lifetime guarantee of care If, for any reason, an adopting family is unable to care for the pug, they may return it to Pug Hugs for foster and replacements.  Forever. 

2.   Not in it for the money.  Unlike Craigslist buyers who often will buy and “flip” dogs for profit, we consistently lose money on every pug we bring into our care (hence, fundraising through Pug Fest!).  We are dedicated volunteers with our only goal being to best serve the pugs in our care.

1.   Judge-free zone.  While we do seek information about the pug’s history and reasons for surrender, we do this to try to ease the transition to rescue, and speed the adoption process.  We do not pass judgment on those who need to surrender a pug, as you cannot know the troubles in one’s heart and the struggles in one’s life. We are simply here to help the pugs that are no longer able to be cared for in their homes.  


We at Pug Hugs understand that sometimes unfortunate circumstances such as illness, divorce, job loss, financial difficulties, and other hardships, make it ​difficult or impossible to be a responsible, caring pet guardian.  If you or someone you know has a pug they are unable to care for and they wish to surrender, please fill out the form below, or download the form   here  and email to us at the emails below​.  For questions that do not apply, please put "NA."  You must complete form in its entirety before you're able to submit.  Thank you!  If you have any questions, please contact AND