I have read and understand the foster process; please take me to the application.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to foster
  • Most pugs that come into rescue are older. Many have health or behavioral challenges, including housebreaking issues.
  • We require our fosters to undergo the same screening process as our adopting families, which includes filling out an application, a vet reference check, a personal reference check, and a home visit
  • Pug Hugs pays for veterinary care, medications, flea/tick and heartworm preventative, belly bands, crates, and any special food required for dogs that are fostered.  
  • The foster provides food (if not special formula or diet).  In addition, the foster is responsible for providing a safe, loving environment
  • In the event the foster can no longer keep the dog for any reason, the foster must return the dog to Pug Hugs.

Fostering a  Pug Hugs pug

Foster families form the backbone of pug rescue, providing a temporary refuge for needy pugs while we search for new forever homes. A little guidance, a lot of love, and a warm home are typically all these pugs need, and all vet bills are paid by Pug Hugs. Your reward as a foster parent is not only knowing you have helped to save these abandoned pugs from a life of despair, but also for the joy that the adopted pugs bring to their new families.​