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10 y/o pug female


Please welcome Eleanor, or Ellie, for short, to Pug Rescue! At approximately 10 years of age, Ellie is in excellent health and a sweet little girl with lots of spunk. She loves playing fetch with mini tennis balls, and is a lady on walks, standing right beside her human without unseemly tugging or pulling.  Ellie is in need of a refresher course for outdoor pottying, and for now will need some encouragement when outside to learn where she needs to do her business.  Once inside, she will go relieve herself on training pads if available... and perhaps the carpet if one is not. A new owner will have to be patient and consistent with Ellie and keep her on the path of relearning proper potty etiquette.

While Ellie gets along passably with other pets, she is best suited in a home with either a mellow companion, or better yet, have her humans all to herself. She also can be anxious in households with a lot of noise or activity, so would be best matched with a home without small children.  With her sweet, sensible, quiet nature, Ellie would be the ideal companion for an active retiree who can give her the time, attention and spoiling she deserves! Eleanor's adoption donation fee is $250.