1 year old chihuahua/pug mix


Hadley is a dainty 1-year old, ¾ chihuahua and ¼ pug mix who weighs in at just over 8 pounds. She came to us without any training or socialization, and was afraid of everything that was new. We are truly amazed on how she has blossomed! Here are some facts about Hadley:
  • Hadley loves everyone, big or small, young or old. She loves people!
  • She’s a great car rider.
  • In new situations, she shakes like the ¾ chihuahua she is, but after a few minutes she’s settled and ready for any adventure!
  • Hadley is endlessly curious and is a great watchdog. She barks when she hears something unusual.
  • She loves running free in the fenced yard. A fenced yard would be best for her.
  • She loves all dogs, even if they don’t like her. She just keeps going back?
  • Hadley wants to play with cats, but cats don’t really like her style of play. She chases them until they turn on her and hiss. She is fascinated by them.
  • If she gets hurt or afraid, she is a screamer - she will do a high screech.
  • Hadley is doing better on her potty training, but has a way to go yet, making it outside about 8 out of 10 times. She needs to be watched and let our regularly. The biggest challenge to her housebreaking is that when she is outside, she gets distracted by playing and sniffing and will forget what she’s outside to do! Hadley does use pee pads, too.
  • She loves to play catch.
  • Hadley will be a one-person dog. Like a chihuahua, she attaches to one person, and when she's not playing, she will likely want to cuddle up with that person.
  • Hadley’s ideal family would include another younger dog to be her pal and a devoted two-legged friend who has time to be her special person.
  • She is a sweet lapdog and will be a treasure for any loving home!

Hadley is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. Her adoption donation fee is $400.



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9 & 10 year old male pugs


Meet the adorable, male bonded pair of pugs, Rocky and Gunner. Gunner (brindle color,) is going on 10 years old, while Rocky (fawn,) is going on 9. They are both very friendly, good with people, and also other pets; be it cats or dogs. These two are total cuddle bugs, and are perfect for someone looking for an affectionate pair. The ideal home for them would potentially be a place with very little traffic, distractions, or numerous passer buyers, as Rocky primarily, likes to bark at them, as well as chase things if given the chance. A home with a fenced in yard would be highly preferred, but they must be in harnesses and leashes if out in an unfenced area. Rocky and Gunner both like soft toys to lightly chew on, love laying on the couch, or in a bed, and like most pugs, they LOVE food and treats. Gunner will try to steal food if it is within reach though, and may nip if someone tries to take food from him. They are both very heathy, up to date on all vetting, and are looking for a place to call their forever home. Their adoption fee is $400 for the pair. If you’re interested in sharing your home with this beloved pair, please fill out an adoption application available on the website today.

Rocky and Gunner are neutered, up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. Their adoption donation fee is $400 for the pair.