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rambo & ranger - BONDED PAIR

7 y/o male pug brothers


Rambo and Ranger are wonderful pug brothers who just recently celebrated their 7th birthday. They both came from the same litter and are inseparable to this day. These two love attention and a nice cozy lap to lay on and be petted. They will be perfect for anyone looking for a pair of lap dogs.These guys will win your heart with their  stereotypical pug snorting and constantly wagging curling tails.

Rambo (fawn) and Ranger (black) are similar in many ways. They both love chew bones, relaxing on the couch, and of course, food. They are a bit on the chubby side, but are in very good overall health. Their new owner will need to be patient and continue the work their fosters parents started. These guys had very loose housebreaking policies in their old home, but are learning very well and quickly about making Mother Nature the new place to do business. The new owner must accept the fact that accidents will happen during the training phase, but nurture their willingness to learn.

The pair is very well behaved and appears to do well with people, children, and other pets. They are a little intimidated by pets larger than they are though. These two are the ultimate Velcro pugs, and will stick by your side at any chance. Nonetheless, leashes would still be required as they like to wander when outside. The adoption fee is $400 for the pair.


9 y/o female pug


Maggie is a very young and healthy 9-year old pug girl who loves attention, is a perfect lady on a leash, and, if you are consistent with a bathroom schedule, is very good about doing her business outside. Maggie is very healthy and active, and loves kids. Maggie's favorite thing in all the world is rolling over on her back for a tummy rub. Her foster mom says she never heard a dog purr... that is, until she scratched Maggie's belly ??

Maggie was put on a diet when she came into rescue, and has lost six pounds (yay Maggie!).  Even though she is very healthy, she swears she's starving to death, and has been known to knock over a garbage can for some illicit goodies.

While a lover of people, Maggie can be bossy with other dogs and cats.  She will not fight them, but definitely let the other four-leggeds know who's boss.  For this reason, it would be best if she were adopted to a family that will keep an eye on her around other family pets, or be the only pet in the home.  Maggie's adoption fee is $275.