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8 y/o female & 6 y/o male Puggles



HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS SPECIAL!  We're thrilled to announce that a generous donor is partially sponsoring the adoption fee for Millie and Frankie to get them to their FURever home in time for the holidays.  Let's give these special puggles the best gift of all -- a loving family!

Frankie (6 y/o male) and Millie (8 y/o female) know what it means to love completely and unconditionally. They are inseparable, and love long walks together, sharing toys, getting dressed up for costume parties, spending time snuggling and sleeping side by side. They do not do well with other dogs or cats, but children are ok. Frankie and Millie must be adopted together due to their strong attachment to each other. Just one more thing you should know… these 2 love food!  They are always on the hunt for treats, and if you turn your back, they will run in and snatch your food before you know it! 


7 y/o male pug



Dexter is an empathetic snuggle bear! He is that rare sort of pooch that is so thoughtful and cares so much about how others feel that he could easily become one of the most important friends in your life. He will come running to your side and lie down right beside you, and then look in your eyes as if he knows exactly what kind of a day you have had.  Dexter develops a very strong bond to his adult humans and feels as though he needs to guard and protect them.  Children are a bit scary and unpredictable in Dexter’s mind so he may show his fear in negative ways and for this reason we recommend that Dexter goes to a home without young children.  He also loves his adult humans so much that he does not want to share them with any other animals and makes his feelings known.  Dexter should go to a home where he can be king and there are no other animals that he has to share his human with that he loves and adores so very much! If you are looking for a forever friend who will love and cherish you, Dexter may be the guy you have been wishing for. He is neutered, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and ready to be someone’s very best friend.  Dexter does have a history of urinary tract infections which are controlled with medications.  Dexter's adoption fee is $275.