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2-year-old pug mix, male


Meet Scooby. He is a beautiful, healthy, 2-year-old silvery/fawn pug mix. He loves to snuggle with adults and kids. His foster family has 7 other dogs and Scooby gets territorial with some of his foster brothers and sisters. He doesn’t fight with the other dogs but can get barky and jealous. He does fine with visiting dogs as long as he has his people to himself. Scooby has not been around cats. He is nervous about being picked up but loves to cuddle on the couch or next you in bed. He is doing well with one-on-one potty training but still needs some work. An ounce of praise goes a long way with training Scooby. We are hopeful in a single dog household with more personal attention he will quickly do even better better. He is high energy, loves to walk, play, and bark but he has no trouble settling into bed and sleeping in. He is the best cuddle buddy you could hope for. His adoption donation fee is $300.

Say hello to Milton. He is approximately a 7 year pug mix with a curly-curly tail and a shy grin who has a lot of love to give to his new owner. He loves attention, and prefers the company of adults over other animals. He does do good with other dogs and cats in the house, but generally does not interact with them much. He could do well in a variety of home atmospheres, with the exception of being around very young children. Milton prefers peace and quiet, versus a hectic household. He usually does not care to be picked up, as this makes him very nervous. He likes to come to people on his terms, and when he does, he will be the greatest lap dog you could hope for. Some of his favorite things include going for walks, relaxing with his owner, as well as getting all the attention and belly rubs he can muster in a day. He does get scared by very loud noises, and really dislikes when people shout. This is also another reason he needs a peaceful home with adults, or older children. Milton is a very sweet dog looking for a loving forever home. Milton's adoption donation fee is $275.


6-year-old female pug



7-year-old pug mix, male


Looking to win the lottery? Well, here’s your winning ticket! I’m Chloe, the most perfect pug you’ll ever meet. I'm great with kids, dogs and cats, and I am a true lady with my potty habits. Some may describe me as bossy or pushy, but I’m a girl who knows what she wants in life and I’m not afraid to tell you. I’m known for my sweet kisses and wiggly butt. Now, I’ve been through a lot in my 6 years around the sun. I am a California girl who relocated to Wisconsin this past winter and let me tell you, winter is not my favorite; thank goodness for winter booties! I also had some pretty major surgery in March when I came to Pug Hugs. I had to have a very large shunt (hole) between my stomach and liver closed and because of this, I have to be on a special diet for the remainder of my life. I also recently lost 30+ teeth and only have 5 clean, healthy teeth left! Can you believe it?! Don’t worry though, I still have a beautiful smile and love to show it because I’m feeling like a million bucks now! If you’re ready to pamper this California girl, submit an application today! My adoption donation fee is $275.