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Daisy and Duke are a pair made in Pug Heaven! They may be 12, but you would never know. They each have their own personalities, but for the most part they just want to cuddle and be with their humans. Duke has more of the spunky side. He likes to let animals on the TV know that they'd better not mess with him. Daisy is more laid back, but does follow her brother around so likes to bark with him sometimes, too. These pugs are looking for a home with older children, and someone that will have a lot of time to be home and cuddle with them. They are both such special dogs, and are just waiting to make someone very happy! The adoption fee for this cutest pair of Daisy Duke(s) you'll ever see is $400 for the pair.

daisy, duke

12 y/o female/male pug siblings

Must be adopted together