Harvey is a 2 year old chug.  He is a very lovable boy!  One of his favorite things is to sit on your lap or tightly next to his person.  Sometimes he reaches out a paw to touch your face just to remind you he would love a nice pat.  He does like to play and chew toys are his favorite. He does play with other dogs but may not want to share his new owner.

Harvey is in very good shape so going for walks would be something you could do.  He has been learning what a leash is and has been a quick study.   He can be shy of new surroundings so patience will be required introducing him to a new home.  Once acclimated, he will be a wonderful companion.

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Male pug, age 12


Say hello to Beefy! This gentle, 40-pound pug lives up to his name, but is in great health for a senior. Beefy gets along well with other dogs, cats and older children. He will play for awhile but gets tired somewhat quickly due to his age. Beefy is housetrained and crate-trained (though he's not wild about his crate)and loves to be loved! He also knows how to sit and is very mild-mannered. Although Beefy does get along with other pets, he would likely do best in a home where he doesn't have to share his people. He also gets lonely if he's left alone for long periods of time, so a retired or work-from-home family would be ideal. If you have room in your heart for this sweet senior, please fill out an application and give this sweet boy his forever home! 


Bunny, a 6-year-old female Chug, and Scooby, a 2-year-old male Puggle, are looking for a forever home together. They are the sweetest little love bugs. Bunny lives to snuggle and play with Scooby. She is healthy, spayed, and has beautiful teeth.  She needs a little encouraging to go potty outside but she's getting better every day and just needs a stable home. Scooby has puppy energy but has no trouble settling in for cuddle time. He loves to nibble on his foster sister's  dolls and will need some positive reinforcement  and a little time to grow out of his love of dolls. Scooby is a healthy and lovable little guy. They are great with other dogs and love to snuggle up with each other at night.. They are a fun and an easy pair that will bring love and joy to their new family. 
Huey, Dewey and Louie are the most adorable puppies.  They are 5-1/2 months old.  They love to chew on bones and play tug of war.  One other favorite pastime is playing tag.  They are very smart and sensitive.  They want to please and be near their people.  When you hold them they simply "melt" into your arms and love the cuddles.  They weigh about 6.5 to 7.5 pounds.  They are up-to-date on shots, neutered and are very healthy.





Male chug, age 2


huey, dewey & louie

5 month old chihuahua/dachshund puppies


Meet Bongo and Bullseye. This bonded pair is roughly 10 years old, and they are looking for their forever home. They are not neutered due to age, but they are completely healthy. Bongo is blind in his right eye, and also has some difficulty walking fast, or up and down stairs. If not watched closely and assisted, he can easily tumble while using steps. Both of these issues are from underdevelopment at birth, but it doesn’t stop him in the least from getting around and enjoying life.

Bongo is very friendly and loves sitting on laps. Bullseye is a lovely, fluffy guy who will give you as much attention as you give him. Although he is deaf, he is very vocal when he misses his owner, or his brother. Bullseye gets around just fine, but also due to age, has a hard time navigating steps. Their ideal home would be a single level, where stairs don’t come into play. If the right owner adopts that is willing to assist them to avoid falls or injuries on stairs, that could be accommodated.

Both pugs get along with other dogs, cats, people, and children. They both are very friendly, and love attention. Both of them are house trained, but if they are not watched closely, may have an accident to mark territory if they haven’t been outside for a while. The pugs generally eat a mix of soft and hard food. With age, the soft food is easier on their fragile teeth. They tend to prefer soft, meaty treats, and avoid hard ones generally. Bongo likes to play with toys on occasion, but Bullseye just prefers companionship over playtime. This senior pair would be a great addition to a loving home who can give them the love and attention they deserve. If you would like to consider adding these two wonderful pugs to your family, or would like more information, please contact us, or fill out an application today.

bunny & scooby


6 y/o female chug / 2 y/o male puggle


bongo & Bullseye


Male pugs - age 10